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Ascot Heath CE Junior School

Questions to ask when reading with your child

Reading together can be magical. 

Below are some example questions to ask your child as you read.

Recall Questions

These questions will help children recall or revise material they have previously read.

  • Where does the story take place?
  • When did the story take place?
  • What did s/he/it look like?
  • Who was s/he/it?
  • Where did s/he/it live?
  • Who are the key characters in the book?
  • Where in the book would you find …?

Comprehension Questions

Children show an understanding of the main points of a story.  They describe what they know.  They give examples, summarise or outline key basic points in their own words.  They link stories with personal experience.

  • Describe …, e.g. the giant
  • What do you think is happening here?
  • What happened in the story?
  • What might this mean? e.g. proudly
  • Through whose eyes is the story told?
  • Which part of the story best describes the setting?
  • Which words/phrases tell you that … e.g. the setting is spooky
  • Which part tells you …, e.g. they were annoyed that Goldilocks was in their house
  • Why do …? e.g. why do people need to look after their teeth?

Application Questions

Application means that the information learned can be applied in different contexts.  Children must transfer knowledge learned in one context to another and make links with other stories.

  • Do you know any other story which has a similar theme, e.g. good over evil, weak over strong, wise over foolish?
  • Can you think of another author who handles time in this way? e.g. flashbacks, dreams
  • Which stories have openings like this?

Analytical Questions

Analytical questions require children to build on existing knowledge.

  • I wonder what was in the author’s mind here?
  • What do you think these words mean and why do you think the writer chose them?
  • How has the author used, e.g. adjectives, to make this character funny?
  • Why do you think the author chose this setting?
  • What evidence is there to support your view?
  • Does this remind you of any other books you have read and how? e.g. story structure, settings, images, layout, character
  • Why did …? e.g. the boy slam the door when he left the room?
  • What does the word, e.g. slam, imply?
  • How did the character react to …?