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Ascot Heath CE Junior School

Home Learning

Termly Homework

Please find attached the Home Learning Grid for Year 4.  If you are unsure about how the system works please speak to your child's class teacher.


The spelling list for this half term can be found below. Spelling tests will take place on Tuesdays and it is expected that children will achieve at least 7 out of 10. 


Please find below the extra maths homework sheets. These are worth 1 point each and act as excellent support sheets to the children's in class learning.

We encourage you to practise times tables with your children. It is amazing how much more mathemtically capable children become when their times tables are sharp. The expectation is that they are quick with all times tables up to 12 by the time they finish in Year 4, although we understand that sometimes there are exceptions. Playing games with them (reward or no reward!) is a great way to do this. If you need some ideas here then please don't hesitate to ask your class teacher.


Reading is of paramount importance to helping children develop sustained attention spans and active imaginations. It increases their vocabulary and develops their understanding. 

In Year Four, we would like children to either be reading independently, reading to other people, or being read to as frequently as possible - ideally every night.  Your child reading by themselves should be promoted as an enjoyable experience, allowing the child to explore fantastic worlds or learn more about subjects that interest them. Reading to others should allow the child to experience a shared and social aspect to reading, particularly if they have siblings to read to. Being read to can be an immensely enjoyable experience, allowing children to focus on the story without having to worry about decoding words and the technical aspects of reading. It also allows children to experience books that might otherwise be above their ability to read by themselves.

Whilst we appreciate families are busy, and reading every night may not be feasible, we would like to encourage reading at home to take place as much as is possible.

The 'Year 4 recommended Reading List' is a list of books recommended for this age group.