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Ascot Heath CE Junior School

Stonehenge and Spongehenge!

Creative responses to history homework in Year 3.

'I didn't think that anyone would construct their model out of cake but now they might follow my idea (and my recipe). We went shopping for extra butter for the butter icing and we used a smidgeon of black food colouring to make the stones.' Tabitha, Year 3 Ash

'My daddy helped me to make my model out of corrugated card. It was a challenge to make the stones stay upright so we opened the card to make a base/stand. We secured the top stones with cocktail sticks or glue. My model is very stable.' Finn, Year 3 Ash

'I'm really proud of Tabitha and the way she has completed this 5-point task.' Sophie, Year 6 Buddy

'Finn has done really well to design and make this structure.' Nathan, Year 6 Buddy